Zhang Li Yin’s Profile

Name: Zhang Li Yin (張力尹)
Name (Korean): Jang Ri In (장리인)
Birth Date: February 28, 1989
Birth Place: Sichuan, China
Height/ Weight: 162cm/ 42 kg
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, travelling, watching movies
Specialty: Playing the violin
Fanclub Colour: Gold

Discography :

Album :

2008: I Will

Singles :

2006: “Timeless”

2009: “Moving On”

Awards :

2006 :

  • Rookie of the Month, Cyworld Digital Music Award: “Timeless”
  • Best New Solo Artist, M.NET/KM Music Festival: “Timeless”

2008 :

  • Female Newcomer with Most Potential, Mengniu Music King Awards: “星愿 (I WILL)”
  • Best Mainland Newcomer, Southeast Music Ranking
  • Most Fashionable Female Artist of the Year, 2008 Starlight Grand Ceremony
  • Most “Attention Grabbing” Newcomer, 1st Annual Mengniu New Music Festival: “星愿 (I WILL)”

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