4Men’s Profile

4Men is a talented vocal R&B group that consists of 3 members. This group debuted in 1998 with 4 members hence the group name 4Men. They started with their first album in Saigon, Vietnam in 2006. They also sing in vietnamese (V.4Men). Despite 4Men changing members a few times, their music is always awesome.

Member :

영재 (Young Jae)
Full name : 김영재 (Kim Young Jae)
Born : July 23, 1983
Physique : 176cm, 69kg
Education : Cheonan High School
Career : Dance team “Gorilla” B-boy and instructor
Cyworld : www.cyworld.com/y0ungja2

신용재 (Shin Yong Jae)
Born: November 1, 1989
Physique: 176cm, 72kg
Education: Practical Arts, Music; University of Seoul
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]
Career: Group “Rejoice” vocalist
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/62378701

김원주  (Kim Won Joo)
Born: July 29, 1987
Physique: 178cm, 64kg
Education: Mechanical Engineering at Inha Univesrity (Absence)
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/herowj


Former Member :

  • J1 (lead vocals)
  • Jeong Se Young 정세영 (sub-vocals) [now member of Someday*]
  • Lee Jeong Ho 이정호 (sub-vocals)
  • Han Hyeon Hee 한현희 (bass) [also member of Someday]
  • Yoon Min Soo (VIBE)


Cr : 4men4ever.blogspot, mardi09.wordpress

Photo : berbagai sumber


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